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All Thermal Breaks are Not the Same

The cut-away sample in the top of the photo below is a Bristolite ALT aluminum frame with an AAMA compliant “poured and debridged” thermal break. The frame extrusion is designed with an open cavity in the mid section of the frame that runs the entire length of the frame. This open cavity is filled (poured) with a high strength, long lasting, non-thermally conductive epoxy (the black cross shaped material in the middle of the aluminum frame). After the epoxy cures the aluminum is milled away on the bottom of the frame just below the epoxy (debridged). When the process is complete there is a complete separation of the exterior aluminum frame exposed to temperatures on the outside of the building and the interior frame exposed to interior temperatures and humidity. Poured and debridged thermal breaks have been used in window and skylight frames for many years and continue to be the most effective design, in minimizing exterior temperature transfer to interior building space and in the elimination of condensation.

The cut-away sample in the lower portion of the photo is described by its manufacturer as an “insulated thermal break”. It is insulated with styrofoam and PVC. It is not an AAMA compliant “poured and debridged” thermal break and may not be as effective in preventing condensation.