Bristolite Advantage
Our mission at Bristolite is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and supreme service at an exceptional value. We also aim to provide the industry with an abundance of accurate and useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibility to our employees, associates, industry colleagues and customers very seriously and we see ourselves as stewards for the efficient use of sustainable carbon free energy.

Our Value Proposition

Why buy from Bristolite?

We Can Save You A Lot Of $ Money $…….

7 Steps to SLASHING your $ Electric Bill $

  1. Consultation to analyze energy usage and local code requirements.
  2. Establish energy objectives.
  3. Develop a comprehensive energy management & daylighting plan.
  4. Review and agree on the plan.
  5. Design the system for your specific situation and objectives.
  6. Fabricate and install the system.
  7. Evaluate and review system efficacy.

Our business continues to thrive and grow. More and more architects, building managers and owners are recognizing the superiority of Our Value Proposition.

We have many customers who are saving $ millions $ of dollars on their energy bills.

Bristolite Daylighting Systems (Bristolite) is one of the most recognized names in daylighting. For more than 42 years we have led the industry with many skylight and heat and smoke vent designs, sizes and options.

Our comprehensive product line servicing the industrial, commercial, retail, municipal and residential markets has always been know for innovation, performance, dependability, longevity and exceptional value. Energy efficiency, reliability and safety are the cornerstones of our design philosophy. We are the forerunner in daylighting design programs that literally begin with “turning the lights off” and using FREE natural daylight for illumination of interior building spaces saving dollars and precious energy.

The Bristolite culture was built on utilizing the vast knowledge and skills of our employees in a true teamwork environment to take care of our customers with energy and passion.

Our People

Collectively our people have over five centuries of skylight, heat and smoke vent, energy analysis and daylighting experience. Some of our key people started their fenestration industry career with other companies and eventually joined the Bristolite team bringing with them new ideas and different ways to do things. This “melting pot effect” has and continues to make us stronger.

Our Product Design Philosophy

Superior optical, thermal and mechanical properties are the goals of our designs. And, because we understand the underlying issues of energy conservation, safety and customer value we design our products for maximum energy efficiency, dependability and longevity and bring them to market at a competitive price. In our philosophy verifiable superior product performance at a competitive price equals great value.

Our Valued Associates

The power of Bristolite is not only our internal human capital but also in our industry suppliers, associates and colleagues. Bristolite representatives and distributors are without doubt some of the best in the industry with experience and expertise that is unrivaled. Partnerships with our key material suppliers have been cultivated over many years. We always strive to find the highest quality and best performing materials available in the industry.

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Our Products

We have arguably the most comprehensive product offering in the industry. Our broad line of skylights, heat and smoke vents and accessories are available in virtually all sizes, shapes and materials of construction. Due to our cultural focus on creativity and innovation many of our products and product features are proprietary.

Our Solutions Approach

Our preferred customer interaction is consultative. We engage and listen to our customers. Our people are experts at helping our customers shape their energy and daylighting goals and concerns. Through our vast experience we know that all projects whether new construction, re-roofing or retro-fit are not all the same. Situations vary; people think differently, corporate goals are unique. Our people are trained and qualified to work with our customers to select the optimum products and systems for their daylighting needs.

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Our Green Posture

We are a member of the US Green Building Council and frequently assist our customers in achieving credits on their LEED projects. Our creative and innovation culture has led to the development of several Bristolite proprietary green building technologies.

Our Services

At Bristolite we offer FREE building energy analysis and daylight planning services. Over the years we have provided this free service to virtually the “Who’s Who” of the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail markets.

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We Challenge our Competitors

If you are in the process of choosing a daylighting company and/or specifying a skylight product and have a competitor’s skylight in one of your facilities we offer the following. We will send a trained Bristolite Service Technician to your facility to install one of our skylights at NO CHARGE so that you may make your own installed, side-by-side comparison. Our technician will be equipped to assist you in measuring and comparing light transmission and solar induced heat gain.

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