Bristolite Advantage
Our mission at Bristolite is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and supreme service at an exceptional value. We also aim to provide the industry with an abundance of accurate and useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibility to our employees, associates, industry colleagues and customers very seriously and we see ourselves as stewards for the efficient use of sustainable carbon free energy.

Lighting Your Way with a Simple System Architecture

ECS™: Efficient Commercial Lighting & Energy Management Control System

Stand-alone lighting components such as electronic dimming ballasts, photo and occupancy sensors and lighting analog controls aren’t new. What’s new and brilliant is how Encelium’s ECS™ energy management control system interconnects and networks these devices to give you unprecedented. Best of all, Encelium keeps costs down by utilizing standard light control components in the architecture.

This incredibly efficient commercial lighting solution is implemented by using a standard click and go network cable and facilitated by a Universal Input/Output Module (I/O Module) installed on each device. I/O modules are interconnected in a daisy chain topology and networked back to an ECU, an embedded processor. The ECU collects and processes information received from the sensors and distributes commands to individual ballasts. As well, ECU's are linked to existing local area networks (LANs) to enable personal lighting control on each user's personal computer. A designated building automation PC on the network operates Encelium’s Polaris software for overall system configuration and monitoring. The system is connected independently of existing lighting electrical circuits for minimized installation cost and maximum flexibility.

ECS™ incorporates GreenBus™ communication technology designed specifically to transmit unique control signals to hundreds of nodes quickly and reliably.