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Our mission at Bristolite is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and supreme service at an exceptional value. We also aim to provide the industry with an abundance of accurate and useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibility to our employees, associates, industry colleagues and customers very seriously and we see ourselves as stewards for the efficient use of sustainable carbon free energy.

Advanced Lighting Control Hardware

Greenbus™ Communications

Encelium’s advance lighting control system uses GreenBus™ communication technology. GreenBus is a bus system designed specifically for controlling lighting to achieve maximum energy savings and optimum lighting comfort. GreenBus™ enables cost effective, individual dimming control of all fixtures in a building by integrating peripheral devices such as I/O module capable luminaires, switches and sensors with the ECU and SSU via dedicated GreenBus cabling into complete, programmable lighting solutions.

The GreenBus™ network provides low voltage power to all devices on the network eliminating the need for external power supplies and power packs for devices such as occupancy sensors. Costly installation labour, and additional line voltage wiring and conduit is eliminated.

Using RS485, one of the industry’s most reliable communication buses, GreenBus™ allows flexible daisy chain wiring topologies and the ability to add fixtures or control devices in-circuit at any time. Different devices may be connected appropriately on the network and special termination of each network channel is not required. Automatic addressing of individual nodes during system commissioning simplifies installation by eliminating the need to pre-address devices or record serial numbers during the process.

Energy Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU is a rack or wall mounted lighting control device that collects, processes and distributes lighting control information to Encelium I/O modules, zone controllers, scene and lighting controllers over Encelium’s GreenBus™ network. Each ECU has 6 GreenBus™ communication channels and can control up to 75 nodes per channel (6 X 75 = 450 nodes in total, representing approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of controlled space).


The ECU is the central intelligence point for the area that it controls, collecting signal information from sensors, zone controllers, scene controllers and personal control software and determining appropriate brightness levels or on/off status for each fixture or zone.

Each ECU has an Ethernet connection for communication with a facility or tenant’s Local Area Network (LAN) to enable desktop personal control. ECUs are typically located in the electrical room on each floor of a building and are interconnected using standard Ethernet connections.

Universal I/O Module

The Encelium Universal Input/Output Module is a key component of the Encelium ECS system. This device provides an interface between lighting components such as ballasts, contact closures, occupancy sensors and photo sensors to the Encelium GreenBus™ communication network. The I/O Module automatically detects and addresses the type of device to which it is wired and establishes two-way communication between the Encelium Energy Control Unit (ECU) and itself. Individually addressable, the I/O Module enables each lighting component to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility.

When connected to a ballast, the I/O Module can switch a fixture on or off via a relay contained in the module as well as deliver a low voltage dimming signal to any conventional 0 - 10V dimming ballast. When wired to an occupancy sensor or photocell, the I/O Module provides power to operate the device and relays sensor information from the device to Encelium’s Energy Control Unit. I/O modules can also be connected to power relays or switch packs in order to switch larger electrical loads. The I/O module can also be used as an interface to other building systems with a contact closing signal.  The I/O Module is compatible with the standard North American knock outs and is easily mounted to a fixture or electrical junction box using a wire nut affixed to a threaded base.

System Support Unit (SSU)

The System Support Unit (SSU) serves as the database server for all data related to an Encelium system installed in a facility. The SSU stores all system settings and parameters, including attributes for zones, fixtures, sensors, zone controllers and scene controllers. Additionally, it maintains multiple set-points, including those for light levels, time schedules, occupancy sensor timeouts and demand response or load shedding features. The SSU also logs historical data regarding the system’s operational and energy saving results.

The SSU provides the ability to remotely access a system in order to change system settings or configuration, analyze system performance or energy data or troubleshoot thereby providing quick and seamless customer support. The SSU also hosts the web interface required for the web enabled Personal Control Software. In addition, optional building automation system interfaces such as BACnet and Lonworks are available upon request.

Each Encelium system requires one SSU, typically located in a building’s electrical room, mounted with an ECU.

Zone Controller (ZC3)

The ZC3 is a three zone, software configurable lighting controller that provides on/off switching for up to three lighting zones. It is generally located at entry points to a floor or department and is used to “activate” or “de-activate” a lighting zone. The zone status is indicated by an LED display with yellow indicating ON and blue indicating OFF. Where lighting zones are controlled by a time schedule (rather than by occupancy sensors), the ZC3 also allows manual override of the time schedule by simply “re-activating” the zone about to be shut down. During shut down mode, the ZC3 will alternately flash blue and yellow LED’s to indicate to occupants that an override is necessary.

Dimming Scene Controller (DSC)

The DSC is a three scene, three zone dimming lighting controller that provides customized light level control in areas such as boardrooms, conference rooms, private offices and other areas requiring architectural dimming. The DSC enables manual dimming of light levels or the recall of customized lighting “scenes” by the push of a button. Scene configuration can be changed either directly on the DSC or via Encelium’s central control software.

Mycon Personal Lighting Controllers

The Mycon series of lighting controllers are versatile, low voltage lighting controllers that provide local on/off and dimming control over lighting zones. Offering a choice of five colors it features a “classic” rocker switch look, and connects to the Encelium ECS lighting control system through GreenBus cable with standard RJ45 connectors. Each Mycon controller is addressed and configured through Encelium’s Polaris software interface. 


The Mycon-RS is a single zone lighting controller ideal for small conference rooms, private offices and other spaces where multi-zone control is not required. A short press of the upper/lower buttons turns lighting on/off, while a “press and hold” dims lighting up or down. The zone status is indicated by an LED with yellow indicating on and blue indicating off. Where a lighting zone is controlled by a time schedule (rather than by occupancy sensors), the Mycon-RS also allows for a manual override of the time schedule by the press of the upper button which “re-activates” the zone about to be shut down for a configurable override period. During the shut down warning mode, the Mycon-RS will alternately flash the LED from blue to yellow to indicate to occupants that an override is necessary.

The Mycon-RS also features an occupancy sensor interface for use with low voltage ceiling or wall mounted occupancy sensors. A connection to the controller can be made directly from the sensor thereby eliminating the need for an I/O module to be connected to the sensor. A two gang configuration is used when connecting to a wall mounted occupancy sensor. Sensor timeouts can be configured through Encelium’s Polaris software. 


The Mycon-RT is a time delay lighting controller suitable for spaces difficult to cover with occupancy sensors such as mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, server or storage rooms with high shelves or equipment, or where frequency of use does not justify the cost of a dedicated occupancy sensor. A single/double/triple press of the upper button provides lighting for 10/20/30 minutes respectively. An audible signal confirms the selected time (i.e. one/two/three beeps indicate 10/20/30 minutes respectively) and a warning signal prior to shut down can by provided by an ever-shortening pause between beeps. The Mycon-RT can be configured (via the Polaris software) to perform the same functions as the Mycon-RS if the use of a space changes over time.

ILC Product Industrial Lighting Controller

The ILC Industrial Lighting Controller is a single zone wall mounted controller that provides local on/off control over a lighting zone.  Utilizing a standard single-gang form factor in a rugged stainless steel housing, the ILC is a low voltage controller that connects to the Encelium ECS system through GreenBus™ cable with standard RJ-45 connectors.  Each ILC can be set-up and modified through Encelium’s Polaris
software interface.

The ILC is generally located at entry points to a zone or department and is used to “activate” or “de-activate” a lighting zone.  The zone status is indicated by an LED
display with yellow indicating ON and blue indicating OFF. Where lighting zones are controlled by a time schedule (rather than by occupancy sensors), the VR1 also allows manual override of the time schedule by simply “re-activating” the zone about to be shut down.  During shut down mode, the VR1 will alternately flash blue and yellow LED’s to indicate to occupants that an override is necessary.