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Daylighting Benefits Through Toplighting
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AIA Accredited Credit(s) Earned
General LU

Course Overview

The use of natural sunlight, known as daylighting, to illuminate a building can save energy, reduce operating costs, create visual appeal, and enhance occupant health and productivity.
The U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) rating system encourages the use of daylighting to achieve high performance buildings.
This course provides an update on emerging toplight daylighting technologies that are available in commercial applications, and the impact the latest energy and building codes have on daylighting design.


Benefits of Daylighting with Toplighting 10 mins
Understanding Emerging Toplighting Technologies 15 mins
Daylighting Safety and OSHA 6 mins
Daylighting with LEED 5 mins
Lighting Control Technologies 3 mins
Daylighting Software 6 mins
Efficiency of Daylighting 5 mins
Building Codes 5 mins
Quiz 2 mins
Summary 3 mins
Total Time 60 mins

Learning Objectives

  1. Benefits of daylighting through toplighting.
  2. Understand emerging toplighting technologies.
  3. Understanding daylighting safety and how it relates to OSHA.
  4. Daylighting Glazings.
  5. Daylighting and LEED.
  6. Daylight harvesting with controls.
  7. SkyCalc as a daylighting design tool.
  8. Understand the latest energy codes and how they affect daylighting design.