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Health, Safety, & Welfare (HSW) Aspects of Daylighting
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Course Overview

The use of daylighting to illuminate a building can have a positive impact on building design and enhance occupant health, safety and welfare (HSW).
Lack of daylighting in a building can affect our natural body clock, our circadian rhythm, and cause us to feel fatigue.
This course provides an update on how new daylighting technologies are improving working conditions from a Health, Safety, & Welfare (HSW) perspective, and takes a high level view at some of these emerging technologies and best practices for daylighting design.


Importance of Lighting in a Building 3 mins
What is Daylighting? 2 mins
Daylighting & Health 12 mins
Health, Safety & Welfare and Productivity 3 mins
Daylighting & Safety 15 mins
Daylighting & Welfare 10 mins
Daylighting Design 10 mins
Quiz 2 mins
Summary 3 mins
Total Time 60 mins

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how daylighting promotes better health.
  2. Understand how daylighting products and accessories can provide a safer working environment.
  3. Understand OSHA and Fire Codes as they pertain to daylighting and fall protection.
  4. Understand how daylighting can generate positive physical and mental responses among building users.
  5. Understanding daylighting design formulas to achieve the most effective results.